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How to choose the best toothpaste for you

Keeping your teeth healthy is an important way to guarantee that you have a beautiful smile for life.

By choosing natural toothpaste and mouthwash you won’t be putting any synthetic chemicals such as SLS’s, artificial colours and flavours, bleaches, synthetics preservatives and microplastics in your mouth.

And you can feel good knowing your teeth and gums are clean and healthy without swallowing any hidden nasties.

Weleda toothpastes and oral care products are carefully formulated with pure plant extracts and mineral substances and care for teeth and gums effectively and gently. Natural essential oils give your mouth a fresh natural feeling.

They help maintain the healthy balance of your teeth, gums and mouth and are 100% certified natural care. Formulated without water-soluble fluoride because we respect the choice of our customers.*

Need some help finding the right toothpaste for you? We’ve put together a guide.

*Please discuss with your doctor or dentist the options for maintaining adequate fluoride supply.

All-rounder 6-in-1 oral protection

Salt Toothpaste

The award winning Salt Toothpaste prevents cavities and tartar build-up by reducing plaque and neutralising harmful acids from mouth bacteria.

Enriched with sea salt and gently abrasive mineral particles, to cleanse gently but thoroughly and lift away bacterial plaque. It also increases natural saliva production, helping your mouth to stay in balance and keeping gums clean, healthy and strong.

Extracts of myrrh and ratanhia strengthen gum texture and reduce the risk of bleeding. The lively, salty taste is further freshened with essential oil of peppermint for long-lasting freshness.

Gum protection and cavities prevention

Plant Gel Toothpaste

Plant Gel Toothpaste is mild toothpaste with mineral silica to gently lift away bacterial plaque, without affecting tooth enamel.

The pleasant taste of peppermint and spearmint oils refreshes your breath. A unique blend, with soothing extracts of myrrh and chamomile, helps to keep delicate gums and the inside of your mouth naturally in balance.

Extract of Ratanhia strengthens delicate gums, protecting against bleeding and damage.

Long-lasting fresh breath and protection for sensitive gums

Ratanhia Toothpaste

The people of the Arequipa region in Peru traditionally use ratanhia root to clean their teeth and freshen their breath. Weleda has followed their lead and has been using ratanhia in oral care products for almost 100 years.

Ratanhia toothpaste is enriched with the red plant root and extracts of myrrh to help keep mouth and gums in good condition. Mineral abrasive particles cleanse your teeth thoroughly yet gently, while natural essential oils of peppermint and fennel leave your mouth feeling clean with long-lasting fresh breath.

Mint-free oral protection to support gum health

Calendula Toothpaste

Calendula Toothpaste is a peppermint-free toothpaste, with abrasive mineral particles and pure plant extracts, thoroughly cleanses and protects your teeth.

Organic calendula, a soothing herb, helps keep gums and mouth in good condition.

Gentle fennel oil is a pleasant-tasting alternative to peppermint and keeps your mouth feeling refreshed. Menthol free - ideal when taking homeopathic remedies.

Oral protection for baby teeth

Children’s Tooth Gel

Children's Tooth Gel is especially formulated for children, to keep kid’s teeth and gums in healthy balance while cleaning and freshening the mouth.

Silica gently cleanses newly-forming teeth, helping to avoid the build-up of plaque through regular brushing, protecting against cavities.

The formula, with gentle calendula flower extract, also helps keep the gums in good condition and cleanses gently without affecting tooth enamel.

It is carefully formulated to avoid substances that may be harmful if swallowed. Children love the pleasant taste and smooth gel texture.

Daily breath & mouth freshness

Ratanhia Mouthwash

Concentrated natural power for fresh breath and healthy gums. A mouth that’s out of balance means irritated gums and a nasty taste.

This unique Ratanhia Mouthwash concentrate is made with plant extracts of ratanhia and myrrh, traditionally known for their toning and soothing properties, to prevent gum irritation. Its unique formula helps keep the mouth in natural balance.

Natural essential oils of sage, clove and peppermint deliver freshness and support the anti-irritating properties of the formula.

Natural toothpastes are better for the environment

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Because our oral care contains only natural ingredients and omits potentially harmful ones, natural toothpaste is not only kinder to you but also to the environment, both in the manufacturing and disposal.

Using natural toothpaste cuts down on pollutants such as microplastics or detergents, which would otherwise end up in our waterways.