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Our Favourites

How can you be sure that your skin care products are truly as natural and organic as you expect?
At Weleda, we place very high demands on the ingredients in our products and are proudly NATRUE certified, the first internationally recognised quality seal for organic and natural beauty products.
For very dry and rough skin
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Baby Teething Powder, Oral Powder, 60g

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Unique fluoride-free toothpaste with sea salt and gentle mineral cleansers
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Gentle protection from soreness on delicate skin
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Renews and protects, for radiant skin after the age of 40
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Aromatic freshness and long-lasting protection
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Our precious body oils

Soothe your mind, body and soul with our luscious body oils.
Choose from a wide range of rejuvenating oils and relax and moisturise your skin.
Warming muscle massage with arnica extract
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The natural treatment for cellulite skin
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Extra-rich body oil to increase help keep precious moisture in dry, mature skin
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The ultimate relaxation body oil for normal to dry skin
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Indulgent antioxidant oil, for all skin needs to stay radiant
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A light touch of golden richness for thirsty skin
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Intensely enriching moisture with precious rose oil
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Prevents stretch marks, leaving skin smooth, elastic and flexible
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Totally natural massage oil to get ready for childbirth
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Our Portfolio

In nature we find everything we need. The plants which we call lead plants, are very special to us and are the core of many Weleda natural cosmetic products. That's why we want to bring the leadplants a little closer to you.



Harness the potential of the pomegranate.

Let nature unlock your skin’s potential. Only organic pomegranates are used for Weleda Pomegranate Face Care. And a specially formulated range of products ensures that your face gets the full pomegranate effect.



Balance Sensitive Skin to its Natural Beauty.

Balance and nourish sensitive skin with almond. Almond oil is perfect for skin care due to the fact that its structure is so similar to the outer lipid layers of the skin. That means it’s easily absorbed, so its beneficial ingredients can quickly begin to help soothe sensitive skin. It’s packed with essential fatty acids to help your skin stay nourished and moisturized, and is rich in vitamin E and helps to protect skin from a range of environmental aggressors to gently soothe skin.


Evening Primrose

Smooth and Deeply Hydrate Mature Skin.

Weleda’s Skin Revitalising Collection of face and body care products are formulated with deeply nourishing evening primrose oil. Evening Primrose Oil is an occlusive that helps protect skin against moisture loss and hydrates rough patches. With regular use, the life force of the plant infuses radiance, hydration and glowing wellness to your skin.


Skin Food

Feeding Skin for over 90 years

Developed in 1926, Skin Food is a deeply nourishing and intensely hydrating whole-body moisturiser that restores and protects dry and rough skin. This enriching balm contains a mixture of organic plant actives to soothe and comfort skin battered by daily stresses. Rich, yet gentle, Skin Food is a 100% certified natural blend of organic chamomile, calendula, rosemary and wild pansy, in a thick base of sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil and organic beeswax - no wonder your skin will devour it. Skin Food is your ideal whole-body moisturiser — One Cream, Multiple Solutions.

Natural beauty, you can trust.

We carefully select our raw materials, highly respecting their properties, and blend them in such a way their active substances can unfold their full potential for you.

100% certified natural care

Free from mineral oil, parabens, silicones and PEGs

Free from synthetic fragrances, genetically modified ingredients and microplastic ingredients

No animal testing

80% botanicals certified organic

Ethical sourcing with respect for people and biodiversity

Our History

Find out more about who we are, what we do, our history and sustainability at Weleda.