We unfold health and beauty in harmony with nature and the human being

We humans are connected to one another and are part of nature. That is why we have a responsibility to each other and to the environment. We have formulated six guiding principles based on our values and principles.

1. Holistic

We think, feel and act holistically

We always look at the big picture and strive to understand things in all their diversity. We take a mindful approach towards ourselves and our surroundings. Our actions are deliberate and we consider their impact on the world. We are open and inspired by new and visionary ideas.

2. Responsibility

We are role models and take responsibility for our actions

We take responsibility for our actions. This includes cultivating long-standing partnerships. We are aware of the impact of our actions and embrace our role as pioneers and trendsetters. We see ourselves as role models: for you and for society.

3. Trust

We create trust through transparency and honesty

Your trust is important to us. That is why it is important for us that what we embody on the outside, we also live and implement on the inside. Our communication is open, honest and mindful. We strive for the greatest possible transparency and accept responsibility for errors. Our partnerships and collaborations are clear, authentic and fair.

Unfolding health and beauty in harmony with nature and the human being – that is our goal.

4. Economic sustainability

We operate in a healthy and efficient manner, because economic success makes many things possible

We pay attention to our profitability. This ensures our financial independence and economic sustainability. For us, good business management means that profitability is not the goal in itself, but a means to implement our corporate mission of “unfolding health and beauty in harmony with nature and the human being” and to remain innovative. Being efficient as a company ensures that we have the necessary means to create value for society. Having a profitable business enables us to do even more good for people and nature.

5. Open-minded

We uphold the pioneering spirit of Weleda and are open to new ideas

Like our founders 100 years ago, we intend to continue fulfilling our role as pioneers. By this we mean being creative, passionate about new ideas, and actively seeking the best solutions. In doing so, we are helping to shape change and give space to as many bold ideas as possible. We work ceaselessly to do many things better and value the power of diversity.

6. Inspiration

We inspire people for the power of nature

We are part of nature, and nature is a wonderful role model. For 100 years we have been harnessing the power of nature in our products to help support natural wellbeing and vitality. Through the cultivation of our raw materials according to biodynamic farming principles, we nurture healthy soils and help preserve biodiversity. And because we find deep meaning in our work, we love what we do.