Weleda Australia’s respect and awareness of First People's sovereignty

With great courage and commitment, our founders dared to break new ground 100 years ago. They knew of the deep connection between people and nature. Since 1921, at Weleda we have been developing certified natural skincare and anthroposophic medicine based on this understanding.  As much as we take, we try to give back. 

From our biodynamic medicinal plant gardens, to our sustainable and respectful supply chains, and the responsible use of resources – we are striving to make the world a better place. Sustainability and our respect for people and nature are part of our roots and our future. It is therefore our responsibility as Weleda Australia to bring our guiding principles into play and to take the opportunity to co-create a nation that is proud of and embraces First Peoples history, culture, and rights, for present and future generations.

With respect and appreciation, we the Weleda Australia community, acknowledge all the First Peoples of this continent, which always has been, and always will be, First Peoples land. We pay respect to elders past, present and emerging and extend our respect to all First Peoples. We also acknowledge  the Gaimaragal and Gadigal Peoples of Gai-mariagal Country: Matriarchal country which today is known as the Northern region of Sydney, Australia. These are the people who belong to the land in which our office is located.

First Peoples have lived on this land since the beginning. Where Caring for Country was active and a way of life, taking only what could be taken while enabling the land to stay sustained. Through ceremony and culture giving back love and respect. First Peoples live according to the laws and customs of the land and sea and this has been continued from ancestors through countless generations. As the longest continuous culture in the world, First Peoples in what is currently called ‘Australia’ have sophisticated cultures that vary between different Indigenous groups.

First Peoples continue to live here and care for Country, People and Culture.  We live, learn, work and play on this sacred ground and it's our responsibility to learn and care for our Mother Earth as the First Peoples do. As past and future emerge into the now, our cultural history and the voices of the people still sings in the wind.

A closer glance reveals the often-untold story of the many peoples connected with this place. History of the local First Peoples became fractured when this continent was colonised, and although it is a past, we cannot forget. In learning this history and treasuring the fragments, a clearer vision can be formed to create a more harmonious, caring future.