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Supporting skin during menopause and beyond

The new Weleda Contouring Face Care range Blue Gentian and Edelweiss is formulated with a unique active ingredient complex that helps to increase collagen in the skin for visibly firmer facial contours.

The Contouring Face Care range Blue Gentian and Edelweiss features a newly developed active ingredient complex of blue gentian, edelweiss and centella asiatica that visibly firms and redefines the facial contours. Dr. Dagmar Bässler, biologist at Weleda, explains the effect these extracts have on the collagen in our skin.

Menopause skin symptoms can include sallow and sagging skin, a loss of skin tone and a less radiant complexion. What happens to women’s skin during this phase of life?

Dr. Dagmar Bässler: During menopause, our oestrogen levels decrease more and more. Oestrogens influence the metabolism of our skin cells, the formation of new collagen fibres, the production of skin lipids, and can protect against oxidative stress. Lack of oestrogens accelerates the ageing process: our skin barrier weakens as the lipid content of our skin decreases. In addition, our skin in this stage of life can bind less water, making it more dry, fragile and sensitive to light. It becomes less firm and elastic, begins to sag and wrinkles become more visible. Often, our facial complexion during this time becomes duller and paler as desquamation – the natural process in which our skin cells are created, shed and replaced – slows down. Skin during menopause just doesn’t look as youthful and fresh as it did in our younger years.

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How can the Contouring Face Care range provide support during menopause?

Dr. Dagmar Bässler: At Weleda, we have developed this facial care series precisely to meet the needs of menopausal skin . By supporting the skin’s natural processes, it counteracts the effects of menopause. Many women in this life phase want to improve their skin elasticity and visibly reduce wrinkles. They want their skin to look tighter, plumper and more radiant, and their facial contours to appear firmer and less saggy. The new Contouring Face Care range Blue Gentian and Edelweiss achieved all this and more in dermatological tests and surveys of test subjects conducted by independent institutes.
Women in menopause can rely on this skincare range to meet their skincare needs and help them feel comfortable in their skin during this time of change.

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What is special about the new active ingredient complex?

Dr. Dagmar Bässler: This active ingredient complex combines the power of two alpine plants – blue gentian and edelweiss – with the benefits of an Asian plant long known in traditional medicine: centella asiatica, commonly known as tiger grass or gotu kola. The extracts we use positively affect the collagen content of the skin, which plays an essential role in skin elasticity. This was proven through in vitro tests on cell cultures of the collagen-forming cells of the skin. The extracts inhibit collagen degradation and/or improve collagen formation, and combining these three extracts intensifies the effects. Weleda has filed a patent application for this unique active ingredient complex.

Contouring Face Care - Blue Gentian & Edelweiss range

Created to counteract the most common effects of menopause on the skin

Reduces deep wrinkles, firms sagging neck and skin. For mature skin.
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40 ml
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Reduces deep wrinkles, repairs skin overnight. For mature skin.
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Reduces deep wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags and puffiness. Fragrance free. For mature skin.
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Brightens up skin tone, immediately firmer feeling skin. For mature skin.
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Dagmar Bässler

Dr. Dagmar Bässler


Dr. Dagmar Bässler holds a doctorate in biology and has been responsible for scientific support of Weleda cosmetic products for many years as its Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager for Natural Cosmetics.