Celiac Information

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Gluten, the protein found in wheat and other grains, poses as an allergy concern for some people. As a natural component of wheat, it is found in some of the ingredients we use in our products. Many of our skin care products include small quantities of organic alcohol derived from organic wheat. A few products are also formulated with Triticum Vulgare (Wheat Germ) Oil. We cannot guarantee that these ingredients are entirely free of all traces of gluten.

The following products don’t contain raw materials derived from wheat, oat or other cereals, which can contain gluten, or they are acc. to EC Guideline 2005/26/EC classified as harmless for patients with celiac disease (like distillate of alcohol from gluten-containing cereals). Only those cosmetic products are listed, which potentially can be ingested. Other products, which are only used on skin, are not relevant for patients with celiac disease and are therefore not listed.