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Baby teething symptoms and natural remedies to relief teething pain

Teething is a big milestone for you and your baby. Some babies may not feel a thing, yet it can be uncomfortable for others. However, if you know the baby teething signs you can help ease your baby’s discomfort.

What are the baby teething symptoms and signs to look out for?

Baby teething symptoms usually start around 6 months. Teething pain is not an illness, but getting teeth marks the next major step in a child’s development. The first teeth to appear are usually the two bottom middle teeth, followed by the two top middle teeth. The last teeth to make an appearance are usually the second, or back, molars in the lower and upper back of the mouth. Most children will have all their baby teeth by about two and a half. There are 20 in total, 10 at the top and 10 at the bottom.

Baby teething symptoms and signs to look out for:

  • Flushed cheeks possibly accompanied with an increase in body temperature
  • Your baby's gums look sore and red where a tooth is coming out
  • Your baby might chew, dribble, and wants to chew on things
  • Baby’s bowel movements might get looser, and they may develop a nappy rash
  • Your bundle of joy might be upset or tearful, especially at night when the pain can sometimes make it difficult for them to sleep.
Baby yawning

Natural Baby Teething Remedies

Baby Teething Powder - for the relief of the discomfort and restlessness of teething in babies and children.

  • Natural and effective homeopathic formula
  • Free from synthetic preservatives, colours and flavours

ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE. If symptoms persist, consult your health professional.

Other natural remedies to relief baby teething pain:

  • Biting on a teething ring creates counter-pressure that can help relieve pain
  • Something cooling, such as a wet organic cotton flannel
  • Chilled fruit puree or plain yoghurt if your child is already eating solid food

Baby Teething Powder in action

*Please note that the packaging for Baby Teething Powder has changed since this video was made.

How to use Weleda Baby Teething Powder

Here we answer your most frequently asked questions about our best-selling Baby Teething Powder.

Q. When should I start using Baby Teething Powder?

A. Baby Teething Powder can be given from the first signs of teething experienced by your baby. Teething signs will vary per baby and generally include one or more symptoms. For example, irritability, red cheeks, or drooling.

Q. Is there a minimum age to use Baby Teething Powder?

A. No, there is no minimum age. You can safely give the powder to any baby or child.

Q. How do I use Baby Teething Powder?

A. Baby Teething Powder can be made into a liquid, paste or given straight as a powder to babies and children. It’s easy to use once you get the hang of it!

  • To make a liquid, mix 1/4 of a level teaspoon of powder (approximately 1g) to one teaspoon (5ml) of warm water and give to your baby off the spoon. It could also be given with a dropper. The powder does not have to fully dissolved before giving it to a baby.
  • To make a paste, mix 1/4 of a level teaspoon of powder (approximately 1g) to a few drops of warm water to create a paste and give to your baby off the spoon or onto their gums using a clean finger.
  • To give straight as powder babies and children should be eating solid foods. You can either use a teaspoon or apply the powder directly to the gums using a clean finger.
    Tempted to dip your finger into the jar? We recommend you don’t as this could introduce unwanted microorganisms. Always use a teaspoon to get the powder out of the jar.
Baby with two bottom teeth grinning

Now that your baby has teeth...

You need to start caring for your baby’s teeth as soon as they arrive. You can use a small soft baby toothbrush with a smudge of toothpaste. At this age the main thing is to get your baby used to the routine twice a day. The recommendation is that one brushing should be in the morning and another at night before your baby goes to bed. Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel was specially formulated to care for baby teeth. When used regularly, it helps to balance the bacteria of your child’s oral microbiome and protects against cavities. There are no ingredients which could cause harm if swallowed.

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