Natural Trio Against Blackheads

The plant world provides us with a wide selection of natural active ingredients. Carefully combined and united in Weleda natural skincare, a trio of ingredients unfolds its strengths against impure skin: willow bark, witch hazel and liquorice.

Blackheads? Pimples? During puberty as well as other times of hormonal fluctuation, we seek effective ways to clear up blemishes. Weleda natural skin care helps in this respect, not just with a single active ingredient, but with three plant extracts. Together, this power team cares for impure skin without drying it out. Extracts of willow bark, witch hazel and liquorice unfold their potential in caring for blemished skin.

Team member no. 1: Willow bark extract

Have you ever looked closely at a willow tree? Willows often grow along streams and river meadows, where they prefer standing in or near flowing water. For most other trees, such conditions would be too wet, causing them to rot. But willow trees grow there quickly and strongly. They willingly spread their roots through areas close to the water, where sand and loose plants are regularly washed up and deposited in layers. Willows use their roots to aerate the soil and nourish themselves from alluvial plant material and mineral deposits from rivers and streams.

A closer look at the willow’s “signature” reveals the ability of these trees to bring harmony to their natural surroundings. For skin affected by impurities, blackheads and pimples, willow bark extract soothes redness and harmonises the skin as a whole. It stimulates the skin’s metabolism, loosens dead skin layers and smooths pores. Willow bark extract can help prevent blackheads from becoming pimples.

Team member no. 2: Witch hazel

The second member in this blemish-fighting team also plays a key role in preventing blackheads from becoming pimples and strengthens the effect of willow bark extract. The extract obtained from dried witch hazel leaves encourages the pores to constrict while soothing the skin.

Team member no. 3: Liquorice

The liquorice shrub can be used to make liquorice-based sweets. But it can also be used to produce an extract that has a soothing effect on the skin.


United against skin blemishes: the blemish-fighting team in three Weleda products

Blemished skin first needs to be cleansed thoroughly but gently. Using the Purifying Gel Cleanser containing natural willow bark is a mild yet effective means to clarify the skin by removing sebum from the pores. The natural active ingredients of witch hazel and liquorice also help to refine the skin’s appearance. After cleansing, this trio of active ingredients can also be applied in the form of the light, quickly absorbing, Refining Lotion to additionally support the skin.



In case of emergency: willow bark extract & friends

Should a blackhead or pimple emerge before a party, willow bark extract, witch hazel and liquorice can come to the rescue in the form of the S.O.S. Spot Treatment. This is a skin care team you can rely on – they might even become your steady companions.

Natural skincare against blackheads and pimples

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