How To Prepare Dry Skin for Make-up

Make-up for dry, flaky skin – is this possible? Especially in the television and film business – where razor-sharp images let you see every detail on the face – make-up artists often use a rich basis that protects the skin from drying out. Once the make-up is removed, that same cream should have a soothing, regenerating and moisturising effect.

What dry, flaky skin fears the most is even more dryness, which can be aggravated by make-up. As its natural defences against moisture loss have been weakened, dry skin needs special care before applying make-up. Skin Food by Weleda strengthens the skin's protective barrier, makes it soft and supple and can be applied as a basis before Make-up.

On well-moisturised skin, foundation can be applied across the skin more smoothly.

Highlighting with Skin Food

For special occasions, photo shoots or the like, Skin Food can also be used as a highlighter. It gives the skin a delicate glow when selectively applied to the top of the cheekbones, under the highest part of the eyebrow arch, on the bridge of the nose and in the small indentation above the upper lip – the so-called “cupid's bow”.

Skin care is equally important before and after make-up

After make-up removal, Skin Food soothes, regenerates and pampers dry skin.

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