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Five Advantages of Natural Skincare

Natural skincare can help us feel good in more ways than one. Natural plant oils and natural aromatic substances are pleasing to both the skin and the senses. They are more complex than artificial oils or synthetic fragrances. And not only that: by using natural skin care products, consumers can do something good for nature.

What is natural skincare?

There is no international standard definition for the term “natural skincare”. However, as a pioneer in natural skincare, Weleda is committed to upholding very strict quality standards. This is why Weleda co-founded the international NATRUE label. Its seal can be found on the packaging of our skin and body care products. NATRUE guarantees that we consistently refrain from the use of synthetic fragrances, silicones, paraffins, microplastics, nanoplastics and synthetic fats. 


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Weleda co-founded the international NATRUE label

1. Nourishing plant oils - a gift of nature

Plants contain precious oils inside their seeds. These nourishing plant oils are very similar in composition to the natural oil produced by our skin. Natural plant oils are easily absorbed into the skin, becoming part of its own protective barrier. Mineral oils on the other hand, only sit on the surface of the skin.

As a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and natural skincare, all of of our raw plant materials are subject to strict requirements – regardless of whether they are used for our medicines or our natural cosmetics.

Anette Engel, responsible for strategic purchasing and quality assurance of raw materials at Weleda

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"Weleda has farming partnerships around the globe. We focus not only on the quality of the plants we source through these partnerships, but that the workers have fair working conditions", Anette Engel adds.

Anette Engel

Anette Engel

Anette Engel, responsible for strategic purchasing and quality assurance of raw materials at Weleda

2. Natural skincare stimulate our senses with natural fragrances

More and more people are developing allergies to fragrances that are omnipresent in daily life. Once triggered, allergies can significantly reduce our quality of life. At Weleda, the natural aromatic substances that plants store in their roots, leaves or flowers are treated as precious treasures. For each individual product, Weleda’s perfumers develop a unique and sophisticated scent made of these different essential oils. Since each component is known and checked by Weleda, consumers can easily find out which natural fragrance raw materials are used in each Weleda product.

“Essential oils act on a specific region of our brain called the limbic system."

Lilith Schwertle, Natural Cosmetic Expert at Weleda


"A fragrance can connect us with our inner image of an orange grove, with the experience of rose blossoms or with the colours of a lavender field. Each Weleda fragrance is a composition of individual essential oils, which we develop at our in-house fragrance laboratory. Our perfumers use up to 20 essential oils per fragrance", Lilith Schwertle adds.

Lilith Schwertle

Lilith Schwertle

Lilith Schwertle, Natural Cosmetic Expert at Weleda

3. Making a difference by choosing natural skincare

When choosing to buy natural cosmetics, consumers are supporting companies that are creating positive social value. Weleda assumes responsibility for maintaining and creating healthy soils around the world. For example, at one of our largest gardens, located in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, smart compost management ensures that the soil stores carbon that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere.

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4. Weleda, leading by example

Each of our products bears the responsibility for the fair and respectful treatment of the people in our company and along our supply chains. In addition to supporting agricultural cooperatives and cultivation projects, we specifically protect biodiversity. One example is how we source arnica, which grows wild in the Carpathians. Weleda obtains a part of the arnica plants there through wild collection. If the meadows were not maintained there, forest would grow in their place and the landscape would be lost to the arnica plants, which need plenty of light to grow. Through its engagement, Weleda is ensuring the preservation of this valuable cultural landscape for endangered plant species, humans and animals.


5. Weleda's natural skincare and sustainability go hand in hand

Since 1921 we strive for solutions that are ecologically responsible.

 We firmly believe in making products that are completely free from synthetic materials, from parabens and genetically modified ingredients to microplastics and liquid plastics. Our pure formulations require equally good packaging. In this area as well, we strive for solutions that are ecologically responsible.

"We use green glass, which consists of 85% recycled glass – the highest possible proportion for recycled glass. As we do not use microplastics or liquid plastics, these contaminants do not enter our waters.”,

Stefan Siemer, Sustainability Manager at Weleda

Stefan Siemer

Stefan Siemer

Stefan Siemer, Sustainability Manager at Weleda

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