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The Most Common Myths about Babies

There are plenty of myths surrounding baby care. It's not uncommon to hear that babies should calm themselves down, don't belong in their parents’ bed and need fixed nursing times. But don’t believe everything you hear. Lactation consultant Frauke Ludwig debunks some common misconceptions about babies.

Babies shouldn't be spoiled?

Don't worry, you can’t spoil your baby. Babies are utterly helpless and unable to provide for themselves for quite some time. A crying infant is best soothed at your breast. And this is beneficial in more ways than one: breastfeeding releases the "love and happiness hormone" oxytocin.

Crying is manipulative?

Your crying baby is not trying to manipulate you. Children only develop the cognitive ability to make plans at around 5 to 7 years of age. 

Babies must learn to soothe themselves?

Children are not able to calm themselves down in their first two to four years of life. Your child can only experience from you what it feels like to be soothed. Loving reassurance, again and again, fosters the positive development of your child’s nervous system. 

Babies are meant to be carried. Wearing your baby makes your everyday life much easier and helps the healthy development of your child.

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New milk on top of old milk causes tummy aches?

An infant digests breast milk within 20 to 90 minutes. There is no need to adhere to a schedule or set intervals when breastfeeding. 

If babies are carried too often, they'll get used to it? 

Babies are meant to be carried! A baby’s physical and mental development requires them to be close to the body of their main attachment figure, at least in their first year of life. Wearing or carrying your baby in a wrap sling or another form of carrier makes everyday life much easier and helps the healthy development of your baby’s hips and spine.

Babies should sleep through the night and in their own bed by the age of 6 months?

Like all people, babies need a sense of security at night. This has been shaped by evolution. Babies are not yet capable of calming themselves down; their inner alarm system wakes them again and again until they can move on to the next sleep phase on their own. Once they reach 4 or 5 years of age, most children willingly move out of the family bed. But beware - maybe you'll be the one who’s sad about it!

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Frauke Ludwig

Breastfeeding, Lactation and Babywearing Consultant

Frauke has two daughters. Together with her business partner Diana Schwarz she founded the "Trageschule" (Babywearing School), Hamburg