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The new Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter

Effective yet natural pregnancy care that only takes a moment. It’s easy to give your growing bump the care it needs – even if you only have little time for a massage. This fast-absorbing belly butter is ideal for shorter massage sessions or when you need to get dressed quickly.

Prevents the appearance of stretch marks.
4.8 out of 5 stars
27 reviews
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Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter naturally improves skin elasticity thus prevents stretch marks. The nourishing formula is crafted with extracts of centella asiatica, organic shea butter, rich cocoa butter and precious oils. Bond with your baby by massaging your belly with our nourishing formula, made from 100% natural origin.
  • 89% showed significant reduction of stretch marks visibility*
  • 100% agree: skin feels more comfortable**
  • 100% agree: intensely moisturises the skin**
  • Developed with pharmacists and midwives

* Expert scoring, clinical in-use test, 37 women after 12 weeks, applied twice daily
** In-use study, 40 women after 8 weeks, applied twice daily

Stretch Mark Body Butter

Tried and tested on real stretch marks

Stretch marks before and after
We tested our product on women’s stretch marks. We took a photo of the same stretch mark after four weeks of twice daily application of Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter, and you can see a visible change*. Please note that the results can vary from one subject to another. *Clinical in-use test with 37 women during 12 weeks. Product applied twice daily with a massage.

Experience Stretch Mark Body Butter as part of your skincare routine

Ingredients of 100% natural origin

Stretch Mark Body Butter
This innovative formula is crafted with extracts of centella asiatica and crocus bulb, and is enriched with precious organic shea and cocoa butter, organic jojoba, and sunflower seed oils. Centella asiatica is known to improve skin elasticity and tonicity, and so supports the prevention of stretch marks.

A hug in a jar: delicate floral scent

Woman smelling the Stretch Mark Body Butter
Some women become more sensitive to fragrances during their pregnancy. We designed our fragrance especially for pregnant women and tested it with them. The subtle, floral scent of rose, neroli and myrrh is fresh yet delicate. It smells like a hug in a jar, helping you relax and feel more serene.

Mindfull Massage

A partner or mindful bonding massage helps to strengthen the bond between you and your baby. Enjoy the intimate feeling of being close to each other and your baby will feel your gentle touch. Our midwives Carolina and Anja show how they recommend to do it. Trust our experts and listen to your body!

Natural care for bump, birth, and beyond

Our natural ingredients work in harmony with your body, providing you with the perfect care for you and your growing baby – before and after you become a mum.

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Prevents stretch marks, leaving skin smooth, elastic and flexible
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59 reviews
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