Hypercal Healing Cream

Soothes and heals painful cuts and wounds

A herbal cream with anti-inflammatory pain relief and wound healing properties. Supports the formation of healthy skin tissue and promotes skin repair.

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A traditional herbal medicine for the family First Aid kit to soothe and help heal painful cuts, abrasions and wounds. 100% natural Weleda Hypercal Healing Cream (containing Hypericum [St. John’s Wort] and Calendula), with its anti-inflammatory, natural pain relief and wound healing properties, supports the formation of healthy skin tissue and promotes skin repair. Especially effective for painful cuts.


Each 1g contains: Tincture, equiv. fresh juice: Calendula officinalis, flowering herb 10mg; Hypericum perforatum, flowering herb 16.7mg; Infusion, equiv. dry: Calendula officinalis, flower 13.5mg; Hypericum perforatum, flowering herb 13.5mg; Oil extract, equiv. fresh: Hypericum perforatum, flower 30mg; Oil extract, equiv. dry: Calendula officinalis, flower 22.5mg; in a base containing natural vegetable oils and beeswax, fragranced with Lavender essential oil.


Free from synthetic fragrances, preservatives, parabens and free from petrochemical derivatives, e.g. paraffins.

How to use

How to use


Adults/Children: Clean the wound with Weleda Hypercal Healing Lotion and/or water. Apply a small amount of Hypercal Healing Cream two to three times daily and if necessary cover with a dressing, or as directed by your health care professional.

If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Store below 30°C.

Customer reviews (4)

Customer reviews (4)

Exelent cream

This cream is amazing. Not only heals the wounds and burning skin, but it give a relaxing sensation, a realife of pain in minutes. I applied after i put ice on a burning skin and it leave no mark. I  ... love it.

My favourite product

So happy Hypercal Cream is back. It truly is the best cream for all cuts and scratches, and great for shingle pain. Heals and soothes in no time.
Melissa L.