If you work at a computer, don’t forget to look away now and then. Your eyes will be thankful for a break.

Take time out to perform some simple exercises to revitalise and strengthen tired eyes.

The benefits of darkness

Lightly place the palms of your hands over your eyes to block out the light. Hold this position until you no longer perceive any flickering colours, but only a deep black. This may take a few minutes. When all you can see is total darkness, open your eyes and quickly blink them.

Tapping massage

A tapping massage can help relax the facial muscles and relieve eye strain caused by working long hours at a computer. Lightly tap your fingertips on your face. Start on either side of the temples, then move down over the cheeks to your chin. Then tap your fingertips gently along the under-eye area. Finally, tap from your chin back up over the nostrils to your forehead.

Follow your inner eye

If your eyes feel dry, try this little exercise. Holding your head still, imagine a figure and follow its contours in the air with your eyes. A shape well-suited for this exercise is the horizontal figure eight, also called the infinity symbol. You can involve a partner by having them “draw” the shapes with their hands for your eyes to follow.

Near and far

Eyes need variation. By looking at objects both near and far, you can train your eye muscles and your eyes’ ability to focus. Look out the window several times a day. Fix your eyes on a point in the distance and take a few deep breaths. Conscious breathing has a relaxing effect on the entire body, including the eyes.

Three-point massage

This exercise is particularly good if you wear glasses, but is also beneficial for people who do not wear glasses. Grasp the root of your nose with your thumb and middle finger and place your index finger between your eyebrows. Apply light pressure to these areas with all three fingers and massage with light, circular movements for 10 to 20 seconds.