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Blemished Skin Facial Care

Deep pore cleansing and purifying for blemished skin

Not only during puberty are we plagued by redness and pimples; even in adulthood, our skin can be prone to flare-ups, spots and blemishes. Blemished skin needs a care regimen that cleanses and moisturises effectively yet gently.

Natural skin care for blemish-prone skin

Cleansing, effective and gentle to the skin. Support the balance of your skin with skin care that works naturally against the bacteria that can cause blemishes, breakouts and pimples.

The plant world provides us with a wide range of natural active ingredients that can help combat skin blemishes. Carefully formulated in our Blemished Skin Facial Care collection, a blemish-fighting trio unfolds its strengths: willow bark, witch hazel and liquorice root. This potent blend of active ingredients cares for blemished skin without drying it out.

willow bark

Antibacterial willow bark extract

Willow bark extract is antibacterial and calming, making it ideal for the care of skin with impurities, blackheads and spots and promoting an even complexion.

witch hazel

Soothing witch hazel

The distillate produced from the dried leaves and bark of Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) refines the pores and soothes the skin. This makes witch hazel water ideal for the care and cleansing of large-pored and blemished skin.

licorice root

Beneficial licorice root

Liquorice sweets derive their distinct flavour from the liquorice bush. But the extract created from its roots is also a powerful antimicrobial that soothes and supports the skin, helping to reduce the challenges of blemish-prone skin.

The right routine for blemished skin

Bring your skin into balance: This soothing facial routine using natural skin care products lays the foundation for a clear and even complexion. The natural ingredients in this series work in harmony to gently and effectively clear skin blemishes and restore the skin’s natural equilibrium.

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Step 1: Cleansing with Blemished Skin Purifying Gel Cleanser

The key lies in mindful care: Blemished skin first needs thorough but gentle cleansing so that dead skin cells, excess sebum or makeup don’t clog the pores. This gel cleanser with natural willow bark extract clarifies the skin by cleansing deep into the pores. Witch hazel distillate and liquorice root extract are additional active ingredients contributing to a smooth and even-looking complexion.

How to use: Before cleansing, tie back any hair that falls on your face. For best results, dampen hands with warm water. Then squeeze a small amount of Blemished Skin Purifying Gel Cleanser into the palm of your hand. Carefully apply to the skin on the face, neck and décolletage, avoiding the eye area. For best results, gently massage the cleansing gel onto your face. Use circular motions and then sweep outwards. This cleanses the skin deep into the pores and reduces excess sebum. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove all residues. Use morning and evening.

Step 2: Skin care with Blemished Skin Refining Lotion

After cleansing the skin, our lightweight, fast-absorbing mattifying fluid provides gentle care. It nurtures the skin with optimal hydration, while antibacterial extracts visibly reduce impurities and blemishes.

How to use: Carefully apply the Blemished Skin Refining Lotion to cleansed skin on the face, neck and décolletage. Sweep upward and sideways in long, even strokes to minimise irritation to the skin. Apply mornings and evenings. The fluid mattifies the skin and is suitable for use under makeup.

Immediate help for blemished skin and blackheads

When your skin needs rescuing from a blackhead or spot, Blemished Skin S.O.S. Spot Treatment comes to the rescue with natural extracts like willow bark extract. This targeted treatment provides instant relief to calm and cool the affected area.

How to use: Apply a thin layer directly to pimples, blackheads or redness. Repeat application as needed during the day or night. Can also be applied under makeup.

Clear solutions for blemished skin

Improve your skin’s appearance naturally with the power of nature. The Weleda Blemished Skin Facial Care collection with willow bark extract works effectively and gently against blemished skin, spots and blackheads. Use regularly for visibly cleaner skin and an even complexion.


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