White Mallow Derma Collection

In cooperation with midwives, we developed the White Mallow range specifically for baby skin that is sensitive or eczema-prone. Children affected are often emotionally and physically sensitive and restless, with skin that tends to overreact to common external stimuli such as air pollution and extreme temperatures or hot/dry air in a heated room.

Soothe sensitive and eczema prone skin with natural calm

The White Mallow skin care range helps rebalance the skin‘s natural barrier and stimulate its regenerative powers.    

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, protecting us from external influences. A baby’s skin is five times thinner than an adult’s and contains less fat, so moisture can easily escape. In some babies, this can often lead to dry skin. 

Nappy care from the very first day with gentle natural ingredients
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Soothing and comforting for baby's hypersensitive, dry or atopic skin
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Tender care all over for baby’s dry and sensitive skin
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Hypersensitive skin needs gentle care

Just like hayfever and asthma, eczema is an atopic disease caused by a genetic oversensitivity to stimuli.

It is a chronic disease characterised by patches of dry, red, scaly skin, often extremely itchy. It  primarily appears on the face, knees and elbows.

Stress, anxiety and joy can trigger an attack of eczema, which often occurs in three phases. Each phase requires individual care.

Calms And Nourishes Delicate Skin

Weleda’s White Mallow range covers the skin in a protective layer. Unlike Vaseline or mineral oil, skin-related fats can actually stabilise the corneal layer of the skin – helping it to maintain its moisture.

At the same time, the skin is deeply hydrated and enveloped in a protective cocoon. Mucilage from the roots of the organic White Mallow, extracts of Pansy, organic Coconut Oil and Beeswax help protect the skin.

We have deliberately avoided the use of fragrance, as children with hypersensitive skin often have difficulty correctly coping with external stimuli such as strong fragrances. 

White Mallow Range Key Ingredients

» Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil rich in saturated fatty acids, helps form a natural protective layer on the skin. 

» Organic Sesame Oil gentle to the skin, thanks to its polyunsaturated fatty acids and valuable vitamin E.

» Organic Beeswax protects the skin without affecting its natural functions. 

» Pansy calms and moisturises the skin.

» Organic Cocoa Butter high in valuable saturated fatty acids, forms a protective layer, preventing it from drying out. 

» Borage Seed Oil rebuilds the skin‘s natural barrier using triple-unsaturated omega-6 fatty acids (gamma-linolenic acid). 

» Organic Safflower Oil rich in linolenic acid, helps rebuild skin’s natural barrier.

Learn more about how White Mallow protects baby's delicate skin

As far back as ancient times, White Mallow was highly regarded as a medicinal plant. It’s warm, soft touch radiates softness and sensitivity, which is why it is well suited to skin that is sensitive or affected by eczema. 

From an anthroposophical view, White Mallow has a holistic effect on the nerve-sense system of the skin (epidermis). Its anti-irritant properties help calm and protect hypersensitive skin, relieving itching and promoting healthy skin development. The polysaccharides in its roots are particularly effective and, combined with water, form an organic gel or mucus which provides moisture, alleviates irritation and envelopes the skin in a soothing cocoon.