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In harmony with nature and the human being since 1921

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With great courage and commitment, the founders of Weleda dared to break new ground 100 years ago. They knew of the deep connection between people and nature. Since 1921, at Weleda we have been developing certified natural skincare and anthroposophic medicine based on this understanding. Weleda has been a pioneer of sustainability right from the start. As much as we take, we try to give back. From our biodynamic medicinal plant gardens, to our sustainable and respectful supply chains, and the responsible use of resources – we are striving to make the world a better place. Sustainability and our respect for people and nature are part of our roots and our future.

By supporting Weleda, together, we take action for soil health.


Our Story

Weleda was founded at a time of change. People wanted a better future; revolutionary ideas were in the air. Whether in politics, the sciences or business, pioneers everywhere were looking for new and better ways. It was at this time, Weleda's history started with a hospital, a pharmaceutical laboratory and a medicinal plant garden. The philosopher Rudolf Steiner, together with the physician Ita Wegman and the chemist Oskar Schmiedel, developed the first pharmaceutical formulations according to an understanding that underpins Weleda’s product philosophy to this day: that life processes in the human body and in nature are in close relationship with each other.


For us, being a sustainable business means maintaining the health of people and nature for future generations. Only to take what can grow back. We understand we are a part of nature and must work in harmony with it. Only in this way can we face global challenges such as climate change and the loss of biodiversity. We are working to improve our climate balance and developing more sustainable packaging. Since 1921 we have been committed to acting responsibly - socially, economically and ecologically. This includes meeting the strict criteria laid out by the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT).

Our Quality

We develop certified natural skincare and produce anthroposophic medicines with knowledge, skill and experience. We use the best raw materials, procuring them from people around the world with whom we nurture close and trusting partnerships.
  • 100% certified natural skincare
  • Over 80% botanicals are certified organic
  • Free from microplastics, genetically modified ingredients, and petroleum-derived ingredients
  • Ethical sourcing with respect for people, plants and animals
  • 100% natural fragrances, crafted by our in-house perfumers
100 years

100 years of quality

Courageous women and men took new paths in medicine and skin care 100 years ago. They founded Weleda, based on their understanding of people and nature as part of a holistic whole.

Skin food before and today

Skin Food: Cult classic for over 100 years

Models, actresses and make-up artists around the globe have sworn by Weleda Skin Food since 1926. Then as now, its formula is rich in active plant ingredients with highly effective extracts of pansy, rosemary, chamomile and calendula.

Weleda calendula products

Calendula: Ideal for delicate baby skin

Weleda has trusted the humble pot marigold to help care for babies' skin for over 60 years. Grown in our medicinal plant garden in Germany, our certified organic calendula, rich in carotenoids and flavonoids, helps to soothe and support the skin.

Weleda iris products

Iris: A master of balance

In combination with jojoba oil and soothing witch hazel, it regulates the skin healthily, so moisture content can balance and young skin regains its naturally beautiful appearance.

For people and nature

We humans are connected to one another and are part of nature. That is why we have a responsibility to each other and to the environment. This is the basis of our work at Weleda.

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