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Pregnancy Massage - A Nurturing Treatment for Expectant Mums

Tips and techniques for mindful bonding and relaxation

Massages are a wonderful way to take time out for self-care during pregnancy. Prenatal massages can improve your well-being and help you connect with your baby and your body.

Massages for relief and relaxation

During pregnancy, your body will change. As your baby grows, your belly becomes bigger and rounder, causing the skin to stretch. You are beautiful the way you are, with a new life growing and developing inside you. During this special time, take time out to regularly pamper your body with an extra dose of mindful self-care – your body is doing extraordinary things right now!

You have time to adjust to the changes that are coming. Intentionally take time out and listen to your body and mind.

Mums-to-be need time and calm to adjust to the changes taking place inside their body. After particularly exhausting days, a gentle massage provides relief to the body and soul. Take a deep breath, exhale, and listen to yourself: “What is good for me now?” Find a moment during your daily routine to take a break from work, household chores, prenatal check-ups and future plans to create an oasis of comfort. Massaging your belly is calming and relaxing.

Bonding with baby

For expectant parents, gentle human touch is a wonderful way to bond with their baby, making their presence even more tangible. A bonding  prenatal massage helps strengthen the connection between you and your baby. During this special moment, your baby will feel the tender motions. A loving massage of your belly every morning or evening is a beautiful pregnancy ritual that helps strengthen the parent-child relationship. Your baby may become calm or actively respond to the massage. Both reactions are perfectly normal. When you are pregnant, regular self-massage can support your well-being and health. 

How to massage your pregnant belly

Partner massage: A relaxing ritual for expectant parents

Rituals provide a sense of safety and security. Special everyday moments that regularly occur and help to connect, reassure and build trust. Partner massages are an opportunity for sharing physical contact and tenderness. Also a marvellous way to express intimacy. Especially during pregnancy, they are an excellent way to find comfort and relaxation together. A loving partner massage is a beautiful ritual – try to make it a routine on the weekend or after a busy day. This way, you can spend time together as a family even before your baby is born. Listen to your body for the areas where you need the most care such as lower back or shoulders.

Partner Massage

What products are good for a pregnancy massage?

Depending on your preferences, massage oil or body butter are great products for a relaxing massage, appealing to the senses with essential oils. All Weleda oils and lotions are generally suitable for skincare during pregnancy. We particularly recommend our Stretch Mark Massage Oil and Stretch Mark Body Butter, both specially formulated for skincare and massage during pregnancy.
It’s best to decide intuitively according to your needs which skincare product appeals to you at the moment. Using a circular motion, massage your abdomen in a clockwise direction. Pregnancy also places strain on your breasts, thighs and buttocks. Gentle care and massage of those areas will help relax muscles and relieve tension.

Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter

Our Stretch Mark Body Butter nourishes your skin and provides long-lasting moisture. This innovative formula contains extracts of tiger grass and crocus and is enriched with precious organic shea butter and cocoa butter, as well as organic jojoba and organic sunflower oil. Tiger grass and crocus bulb extract are known to improve the elasticity and tone of the skin through regular massage, helping to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. After the birth, postpartum massage treatments help to lessen the visibility of existing stretch marks. Its pleasant texture is easy to spread and melts into the skin, so you can get dressed immediately after massaging. The subtle floral fragrance helps you feel calm and confident.

Stretch Mark Massage Oil

Carefully formulated with plant extracts and natural essential oils, skincare oils are good for individual skin care. Body oils are best applied to damp skin after showering. During pregnancy and also after childbirth, we recommend Weleda Stretch Mark Oil as part of your skincare regimen. It’s good to warm the oil in your hands first and then gently massage it onto the belly.

Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter and Stretch Mark Oil are designed to prevent stretch marks through regular massage and are also suitable for gentle belly massages.

Techniques for massage during pregnancy and after birth

  1. Gently massage around the belly button area in a clockwise direction, using ever-increasing circular motions. Then stroke down towards the left thigh. Repeat three times.
  2. Massage each breast with gentle, spiralling motions, circling the breast in the direction of the nipple with each movement. Do not massage the nipple itself. Repeat three times.
  3. Start at the knees. Using your fingertips, gently stroke your thighs toward your upper body. Then move back down towards the knees, shifting the pressure to the heels of your hands. Repeat three to five times.
  4. Stand in a relaxed position. Place your flat hands on either side of the lumbar spine near the sacrum (tail bone). Stroke down the buttocks with the heel of your hand, similar to the thigh massage. Then massage back up with your spread fingertips. Repeat three to five times.

Natural and safe products for pregnancy massage

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