How to Give Yourself a Relaxing Calf Massage

The calf muscles and Achilles tendon are used intensely with every step that we take. The Achilles tendon especially suffers if we stand too stiffly. If we keep our calf muscles supple, we can avoid excessive tension in the Achilles tendon.

Find yourself a comfortable spot where you feel save and at ease. Choose a muscle relaxing massage body oil of your choice and get started. 

Our 5-Step Calf Massage

Step 1: While seated on the floor, place your foot close to your body. Elevate the ball of the foot on a rolled-up towel, for example, to stretch the Achilles tendon.

Step 2: Pump your chosen Weleda Body Oil onto your hands. Rub both thumbs across the Achilles tendon from the middle outwards. Be sure never to rub it lengthwise, for this might cause inflammation of the tendon.

Step 3: Place the foot loose and relaxed on the floor. Wrap your hands around the calf and stroke upwards to just below the knee, applying light pressure.

Step 4: Place the fingertips of both hands at the base of the calf on both sides and, wander up the calf muscles, using circular movements. Repeat this process, each time moving a few centimetres closer to the middle of the calf, working your way across the entire calf from outside to inside.

Step 5: Shake the calf rhythmically to loosen up the muscles, and then stroke the calf gently upwards using your palms. Now massage the other calf, follow steps 1 to 5.


Never massage your legs in the case of a muscle tear or sprain. Also, refrain from massage in the case of varicose veins or water retention.


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