Weleda Bee B&B Hotel Program Terms & Conditions

Bee Hotels

Congratulations on your participation in the Weleda Bee B&B Hotel project (“Project”).

Each participating school will have a nominated Project Coordinator aged 18+ duly authorised by their school, and that Project Coordinator will be listed with Weleda Australia Pty Ltd (“Weleda”) before delivery of the Project kit (“Kit”). Before you or your students get started it is important to read and understand the below, which contains some important instructions, some recommendations and also some very important conditions that apply to your participation in the Project and use of the Kit we provide to your school. If you have any concerns or do not agree with any of the below, please contact us immediately and ensure that you and your students do not use your Kit. Your school’s use of the Kit indicates your school’s acceptance of all of the terms detailed below. For non-registered Schools and individuals purchasing a Bee B&B Hotel from the Weleda website, the below terms and conditions need to be read and agreed to. By purchasing a Bee B&B Hotel from Weleda you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as stated below.

Items contained in your Kit

The following items are provided in your Project Kit or you are required to source them, enabling you to construct your own Bee B&B Hotel. Please read the below details carefully:

  • Nails -­ 20 nails are provided, with 18 nails required for construction of the Kit, and 2 spares. The Project Coordinator is responsible for all items provided, including safely disposing of the two spare nails that may not be required, if of course they are not used.
  • Hammer -­ the school will be required to provide its own hammer for the construction of the Bee B&B Hotel. The Project Coordinator needs to either supervise the children using the hammer (if the Project Coordinator, in their discretion, considers that appropriate for the students based on their skills, co-ordination and level of maturity), or use the hammer themselves. Safety is paramount at all times.
  • Mesh -­ a piece of mesh has been included in the Kit for the Bee B&B Hotel. It is the responsibility of the Project Coordinator to ensure that the children are adequately supervised while using the mesh, as the mesh may have sharp edges.
  • Stapler -­ the school will be required to provide its own stapler, which students will use to secure the mesh to the Bee B&B Hotel. The Project Coordinator will be required to either complete this section of the build or supervise the students who are doing it to ensure they don’t hurt themselves or others with the stapler.

NB: Some other materials will be required to be sourced from your local area, like reeds and soft plants. Details of these items are provided with your Kit.


Safety recommendations regarding the Project and bees/pollinators


  • It will be the responsibility of the Project Coordinator to follow Weleda’s recommendations in selecting a location where the students can watch the activity and participate in the Project safely. Once the Bee B&B Hotel is in place, it is important that it never be picked up. When observing the activity inside the completed Bee B&B Hotel, it is important that no one stands in the flight path of exiting and entering bees. Instead, ensure students (in particular) stand to the side of the nest, so as not to aggravate the bees or cause undue risk of a sting.
  • It is also the responsibility of each school and the Project Coordinators in each case to ensure the Bee B&B Hotel is used in a safe fashion, and all reasonable safety precautions are taken with respect to the Bee B&B Hotel’s ongoing use.
  • The gathering of all additional materials required for use in the Bee B&B Hotel must be done with appropriate care and supervision and is the sole responsibility of the school Project Coordinator.
  • Bee stings can occur whenever bees are present, but especially if bees are aggravated or threatened. Some people, including children, can experience serious allergic reactions to bee stings and it is strongly recommended that appropriate precautions and pre-warnings be given by the school to any participating students or staff before they are allowed access to the Bee B&B Hotel.

Release of liability


  • Other than providing the Kit to your school, Weleda has no control over the Project as occurring at your school, or over the conduct of individuals (including students) using the Kit to build the Bee B&B Hotel or otherwise using the Bee B&B Hotel. To the extent permitted by law, by utilising the Kit and undertaking the Project, the Project Coordinator, on behalf of and as duly authorised by their respective school, hereby releases and forever discharges Weleda and its representatives, partners and agents from all liability for any claim, loss, damage, cost or expense (whether arising under statute, from negligence, personal injury, psychological trauma, death, property damage or otherwise) that arises as a result of any act, matter or thing done, permitted or omitted to be done which is in any way connected with the Kit, the Project or the Bee B&B Hotel, or any individual’s interaction with it.
  • To the extent permitted by law, each participating school, by undertaking the Project, shall indemnify and keep indemnified Weleda and its representatives, partners and agents on demand against any claim, loss, liability, damage, cost or expense incurred or sustained by any or all of Weleda or its representatives, partners and agents as a consequence of any act, matter or thing done, permitted or omitted to be done by any of them or which arises out of or is in any way connected with the Project, the Kit or the Bee B&B Hotel and/or any participation by any person in the Project.
  • To the extent permitted by law, to the extent that any warranty is implied into these terms it is excluded.
  • You and your school bear all risk and responsibility for use of the Kit and the Bee B&B Hotel.


Purchasing a Bee B&B hotel

Due to the overwhelming response to this project, and the request from non-registered Schools (such as Home Schools, Day Care Centres etc.) we have decided to open the project up to anyone interested in biodiversity. We have 50 Bee B&B Hotels available to sell at a minimal cost of $39.95. The funding generated as a result of the will be used to develop the project further such as sourcing materials to build more Bee B&B Hotels (plus shipping costs, website main development and printing of the school curriculum and administration).

By purchasing a Bee B&B Hotel from Weleda you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.