School Testimonials

Bee hotel

‘The Weleda Bee B&B Hotel has been a fantastic addition to our garden. Students spent last Term doing research and projects on our native bees as well as setting up special plants to attract them near the hotel. The amount of learning from this has been amazing and parents have also commented on it as well.’ - Tuntable Creek Public School, Alison Bath (Principal).

‘The hotel set up you sent for Berkeley PS was a success. I chose a small group of students to put it together and each class spent time discussing and observing over the last few weeks of term last year. It will be interesting to go back and see who has moved in over the holidays. I’ll be working through the resource in more detail this year.’ – Berkeley Public School, Mat Teudt.

‘We had a ball with our hotel! Expect to receive some more images as we install our hotel in our yummy garden, Stay tuned.’ – Junction Park State School, Soraya De Castillo.

‘The children thoroughly enjoyed building the Weleda Bee B&B Hotel! They enjoyed learning about the bees and why we should provide a home for them. Thank you very much for donating a Weleda Bee B&B Hotel.’ – Wellington Public School, Sue Nicholas.

Interested in a Bee B&B Hotel but you aren’t a registered Primary School?

We have a limited number of Bee B&B Hotels available at Weleda (for a very small fee). 

(Please note all money received from the sale of the Bee B&B Hotels will go back into the program to make more Bee B&B Hotels – helping to spread the word).