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These days new mums are inundated with information tips and it can be hard to know who to listen to.

One of the first challenges we encounter when we arrive home with a new baby are nappy changes, bath times and choosing the safest products to care for baby’s delicate skin.

Experiences from other mums who have already gone through these first moments can help you navigate motherhood.



Emily sharing her experience using Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream with both her kids.

Natural & gentle

"Such a beautiful , natural and gentle balm that has worked brilliantly in protecting my baby's skin. We have had no issues with nappy rash or breakdown of skin since using Weleda's Nappy Change Cream. Amazing! - Melissa

From birth and beyond

“I have been using the Calendula Nappy Change Cream since we arrived home from the hospital. I love that is natural and smooth to apply, and a little goes a long way. I used it as a barrier cream to avoid rashes as well as a treatment when nappy rash flared up. When the rash flared during teething and introducing solids, we lathered it on thick. Like a cupcake. We are also known to use the cream for scratches on knees now that bub is almost 2 years old. Great cream, highly recommended” - Natalia

Baby's first months

Gentle yet effective. Parents have been praising the Calendula Nappy Change cream as a 'life saviour', to soothe baby's irritated skin.

During baby’s first months you will need to frequently change nappies. The nappy area is a very sensitive area. It requires more attention as it is humid and warm conditions can create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and develop a to nappy rash. Therefore, after each nappy change it is recommended to carefully clean the babies bottom with warm water, a soft flannel and apply a thin layer or Calendula Nappy Change Cream on dry skin.

Babies' skin is more sensitive

It is approximately five times thinner that adult skin. Some parents feel insecure towards the important topic of baby skin care. What do we have to consider?
Products with natural ingredients help to develop healthy skin and protect it using valuable plant extracts and essential oils.
In this case it is better “quality over quantity”.

Customer reviews (42)

Customer reviews (42)

Great product

It really seemed to calm my baby’s angry skin and I like that it was a non greasy formula

Great product

This has really helped with my Grandson's nappy rash. We only use all natural products on his skin & the calendula nappy cream is a great product!!

Love it

LOVE this - love the brand and the safe ingredients. Source: BaoBag

All natural products

Definitely love this - all natural products, and seems to work really well, bub loves it! Source: BaoBag

Great for teething nappy rash

Love this product, great for teething nappy rash! Source: BaoBag

Very gentle

Very gentle to my daugher bottom. Source: BaoBag

Highly recommend it


Absolutely love this

We absolutely love this cream for our son�s bottom. Feel it goes on really nicely and we don�t seem to have any problems with nappy rash. Doesn't feel too sticky like some creams can. And on top of it all it�s all natural! Source: BaoBag

Favourite nappy cream

Love Weleda as a brand and this has been my favourite nappy cream for how natural, nice smelling, and effective it is. Source: BaoBag

Absolutely beautiful

Absolutely beautiful product. So soft and gentle. Love that it is natural. Source: BaoBag

Best nappy cream

Hands down, best nappy cream I've used. Very gentle and soothing with a wonderful calendula aroma. I've recommended this to everyone I know. Source: BaoBag

So nice and soft

So nice and soft on babies bottom. Source: BaoBag

Rash relief

Does wonders for rash. Source: BaoBag

Love it

Great. Easy to apply. Good consistency. Source: BaoBag

Smooth texture

I like the smooth texture :) Source: BaoBag

Relief from redness

Very good quality cream and I noticed relief from redness. Source: BaoBag

Works wonders

Love all Weleda products and have found this nappy cream also works wonders for my children's eczema. Source: BaoBag

The most amazing cream ever

The most amazing barrier and healing cream ever! Source: BaoBag

Great product for my family


Highly recommend it

I have been given this as a gift by two friends who have used this brand for their babies and highly recommend it. Source: BaoBag

Works really well

Works really well and you don't need much. Source: BaoBag

One of the faves

We love this bum cream, I love the whole calendula baby range too actually. It smells great, works so well and you can really trust it’s safe and natural too for little bubs bums

The Best Natural Nappy Cream


Nappy Cream Holy Grail

Finally I've found a cream with a good consistency that is easy to apply, smells great, works well, and not full of nasties. Will definitely be buying this one again and will be recommending it to all my mum friends too!

A must have for every new mum!

This product is amazing and allows me to ensure I'm exposing my bub to a natural, gentle product that helps with nappy rash and even helps me with dry skin.I now have one in my nappy bag,handbag and bathroom drawers (one can never have enough!).

One of the faves

I love this nappy cream, I have used it for a few years now. The smaller size is great for on the go and nappy bag. It is such a nice consistency and has a lovely smell. It works so well too! Problem is usually solved after one or two uses

Super effective healing product

Love this product. My bub had a bad dribble rash on his chin from sucking his hands and in 2 days it cleared it up without drying his skin out. Gentle but so effective.

Great product

Smells nice. Good consistency that rubs in well. Helps nappy easy quickly.

Butt cream

Great cream, doesnt leave residue and helps with rash
Yummy M.

Best nappy cream ever


Love it

Love this wish I had found it sooner! And smells great.

Cleared up nappy rash within a day!

This nappy rash cream is definitely the best - cleared up my babies nappy rash within 24hrs after using a different brand for nearly 3 days. Highly recommend!!
Jenna E.

Best nappy rash cream

I really love all the Calendula products but particularly the nappy rash cream, it works so well and is so soothing. Once we found it we’ve never used another product.
Brooke D.

My favourite product

My fav is the baby range. My baby has eczema. The nappy cream is the only non steroid cream that works.. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful range.
Rachael P.

My favourite product

The baby range is wonderful for delicate young skin. My favourite is the calendula nappy cream
Monica K.

My favourite product

Haven't tried any Weleda body oil, currently using baby nappy change cream and it's great. Pomegranate body oil seems lovely, wish I could try it out :)
Melissa J.

Amazing nappy balm

Such a beautiful, natural and gentle balm that has works brilliantly in protecting my baby's skin. We have had no issues with nappy rash or breakdown of skin. Amazing!

Best product!

Liz R.

My favourite product

Calendula Nappy Change Cream is my fav, it soothed my 4 month old bubs raised and red injection site! Which in turn soothed me. Thanks Leisa Masters for the gift at her birth! My first time using it.
Kimberley D.

My favourite product

I love Baby products, specifically magic calendula nappy cream! Keeps little bottoms happy!
Kate O.

My favourite product

I haven't tried any on the Weleda Products for adults but the Weleda Nappy Rash Calendula cream worked like nothing else on all my babies.
Fi R.

Best Nappy Cream Ever

I've used nothing else but this product on my second baby and she has never had a nappy rash (and she is six months old!)

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