Smoothing Eye Cream - Wild Rose

Gentle, unperfumed treatment for delicate eye skin during your thirties

Smooth away fine lines, calm puffiness and bring the youthful vitality back to the expressive, tender skin around your eyes.

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Wild Rose

The untamed beauty with harmony as its strength

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Whether it’s too much emotion or too little sleep, your eyes can show how you feel. Smoothing Eye Cream - Wild Rose includes time-honoured eyebright to soothe tired or irritated eyes, while organic musk rose seed oil has the special benefit of containing unsaturated fatty acids, perfectly suited to delicate skin, and helping to build up the hydrolipid mantle. The cream calms puffiness, softens first laugh lines and smoothes away dryness.


  • Aids skin’s growth processes.
  • Moisturises and smoothes dehydrated skin.
  • Softens first lines around the eyes and reduces puffiness.
  • Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested good compatibility for use around the eyes, even with contact lenses.
  • Certified natural, free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants or raw materials derived from mineral oils.



Reduced depth of wrinkles*

*Tested after 28 days

Smoother skin*

*Tested after 28 days


NATRUE is the first internationally recognised quality seal for organic and natural cosmetics and thus creates clarity in the label ‘jungle’. Any products featuring the label of NATRUE guarantee the highest standards.

UEBT Certification - Sourcing with Respect

Weleda became the first European beauty brand and one of only two companies globally to gain the UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade) certification for SOURCING WITH RESPECT.



Euphrasia Officinalis Extract

Euphrasia Officinalis Extract

Eyebright (euphrasia officinalis) contains flavonoids, tannins and bitter substances. Extracts of eyebright have an invigorating, skin-caring and astringent effect on the skin. Eyebright extracts are often used in skin care creams for the eye area.

Sedum Purpureum Extract

Sedum Purpureum Extract

Extracts of purple stonecrop contain tannins and sugar alcohols. In aqueous extracts of purple stonecrop the sugar alcohols can swell and thereby have a moisturising effect. They are used as ingredients in shampoos and skin care products for dry and demanding skin.

Synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants or raw materials derived from mineral oils

How to use

How to use

Gently dab a pearl-sized amount around the eyes, morning and evening.

Customer reviews (1)

Customer reviews (1)

Red Eyes

Carefully applied at night as I have with other eye creams, but made my eyes sting and reddened after washing the next morning. Also tried applying in the morning and did the same thing when washing my face at  ... night. Stopped using it under eyes and now just use it on upper lip. It's been about 3 weeks and no noticeable improvement, but will use it up and discontinue after that if no improvement. Thus far, the one Weleda product I love and see noticeable improvement is the Skin Food cream in the green tube. Help keep my super dry facial skin stay moist and prevents dry, flakey patches which have been an ongoing issue for me up until I found the Skin Food cream.