Rose-Calendula Creme

Moisturising cream
Weleda Rose-Calendula Creme contains high quality, natural ingredients carefully chosen to support and enhance the skin's own function.
It is a lightly textured yet rich moisturiser especially formulated for sensitive skin.
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Weleda Rose-Calendula Crème is a lightly textured yet rich moisturiser. Contains high quality, natural ingredients which support and enhance the skin to leave it feeling soft and smooth. Popular with breast-feeding mothers. Rose-Calendula Crème is also used to soothe and moisten dry, tender nipples.


 Weleda Rose-Calendula Crème does not dry out the skin. gluten-free, no raw materials derived from nuts, mineral oils, synthetic substances, colourants or perfumes. Contains raw materials derived from palm kernel oil and/or soy beans.



Almond blossoms on branch

Sweet Almond Oil

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil
The fine and light Sweet Almond Oil is very skin-friendly and ideal for sensitive, rough, flaky and dry skin. Sweet Almond Oil is very suitable for the care of infants and small children. It is characterised by a high content of unsaturated fatty oils, such as oil and linolenic acid.

Synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants, free of raw materials derived from mineral oil

How to use

How to use

For normal to dry skin apply a small amount of this cream at least once daily as an excellent general moisturiser. On rough, cracked, dry or flakey skin apply small amounts frequently.

Customer reviews (4)

Customer reviews (4)


I just adore this cream, it has a heavenly but subtle rose scent..The texture is so smooth and creamy. Very moisturising, but not heavy.
Ziggy G.


I love using this face cream day & night.

Surprisingly GREAT Face Cream

Like its description said, lightly textured yet a rich face cream. Very Hydrating on your skin. If only it was made in a bigger tube.

Rose Calendula

This is the best face creme I have ever used. It's rich and moisturising without feeling heavy and greasy. I absolutely love it!