Blemished Skin S.O.S. Spot Treatment

On-the-spot relief for blemished skin

Hit the spot and feel soothing relief as nature's powerful antibacterial extracts get to work on blackheads and blemishes.

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When your skin threatens to erupt, you need natural power to soothe, calm and cool the spot. Antibacterial willow extract fights impurities and starts work on angry blemishes and pimples, reducing redness and relieving pressure. Feel calm, feel clear, feel relief for your skin.


Vegan and free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants, free of raw materials derived from mineral oil.

Clinically tested to:

  • Visibly reduce spots and blackheads
  • Instantly calm and cool the spot
  • Reduce excess sebum


Products that are marked as vegan don’t contain any raw materials derived from animals.

All Weleda cosmetic products and foods are suitable for vegetarians abstaining from meat and fish.

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Natural cosmetics are not always natural cosmetics. NATRUE is the first internationally recognised quality seal for organic and natural cosmetics and thus creates clarity in the label ‘jungle’. Any products featuring the label of NATRUE guarantee the highest standards.

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Weleda contributes to a world in which people and biodiversity strive. The UEBT label for “SOURCING WITH RESPECT” certifies that biodiversity is being protected during the cultivation, harvesting and further processing of the natural ingredients we use. It also shows our commitment to paying everyone in our supply chain fair wages and treating them with respect.

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Witch Hazel Distillate

Hamamelis Virginiana Distillate
The distillate of the Witch Hazel plant has a refreshing, mild astringent and skin firming effect. Therefore, Witch Hazel is a suitable ingredient used for face cleaning products to refine the skin and preserve its characteristics and moisture.


Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract

Liquorice roots stand out in particular thanks to the glycyrrhizic acid salts contained in them and due to their long-chain sugars. Aqueous liquorice root extracts have a softening and anti-microbial effect on your skin. This makes them well suited for use in deodorants.

How to use

How to use

Apply SOS Spot Treatment morning and evening, directly onto spots or impurities, for cooling, soothing relief. A small amount should be dabbed onto spots or blemishes after cleansing. For best results allow the treatment to absorb completely before applying Refining Lotion or make-up.

Customer reviews (8)

Customer reviews (8)

Naturopath recommended


Little beauty

This really hits the spot for me. I apply at first hint of a spot appearing and it really calms the area down and heads off eruptions. Great overnight treatment.


The spot treatment has been fantastic at clearing up my breakouts overnight, it’s so effective I only need to use it once.

A pleasure to use

I have been using the Blemished Skin S.O.S. Spot Treatment on my patches of congestion and have started to see results in 2 weeks, the number of 'bumps' under my skin is reducing already.



A little goes a long way


New obsession

My new obsession is the spot treatment, it actually works and feels so cooling.

My saviour!

The Spot Treatment works a charm, kills my pimples in 2 days, where they would last and be sore for a week. I could not recommend this anymore. I have found my saviour!