Upgrade your skin regenerating regime with a pure natural blend of powerful plant oils.

There’s a new arrival in the Weleda Pomegranate Face Care Collection – so get ready to give your skin an intensive boost in cell renewal. New Firming Facial Oil is an antioxidant blend with eight precious organic oils, each carefully chosen for cell renewal, intense nourishment and anti-pollution properties. With some powerful drops you help your skin to reduce wrinkles, get firmer and instantly gain a radiant complexion. Use the oil as an intensive treatment on its own or mix a few drops into your Weleda Pomegranate facial day or night cream.

One natural drop, eight skin care secrets

One natural drop, eight skin care secrets

We’ve been designing skin care products with plant oils since 1921 and we’ve put all our experience into developing an intensive treatment that helps your skin look and feel younger. The secret lies in nature itself: we have condensed eight precious organic plant oils and other natural ingredients into this intensely powerful and 100% natural formula – to help you take your skin care routine to the next level.

  • Firms the skin and reduces wrinkles**

  • Intensively nourishes*

  • Gives a radiant, non-greasy complexion*

  • 100% natural and 90% organic raw materials

*Consumer study with 48 women using Weleda Pomegranate Facial Oil twice a day for one week
**Dermatological test with 30 subjects using Weleda Pomegranate Facial Oil twice a day for four weeks

A unique blend of nature’s powerful secrets

Effective on wrinkles and purely natural – discover the precious ingredients behind our newest formula.

Organic pomegranate seed oil

Cherished for its anti-oxidative properties, our hero oil is extracted from the fruit’s seeds by cold pressing.

Organic avocado oil

Cold-pressed from the fruit’s pulp, avocado oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. It protects the skin from harmful external influences by enhancing its barrier function and supports its regeneration.

Organic macadamia seed oil

With a similar fatty acid composition as the skin itself, macadamia seed oil offers exceptional skin tolerance properties and is very well-absorbed by the skin, so it’s left soft and smooth.

Organic apricot kernel oil

Light and easily absorbed, apricot kernel oil leaves your skin feeling soft and silky.

Organic argan kernel oil

Anti-oxidative argan kernel oil with properties for cell-renewal. Plus, its light texture is easily absorbed by the skin, to leave it feeling silky-soft.

Organic sesame seed oil

Chosen for its skin protection properties, sesame oil is well-absorbed by the skin and regulates its moisture balance by supporting the skin’s barrier function.

Organic jojoba seed oil

Quickly absorbed by the skin, jojoba seed oil leaves skin feeling smooth and supple, without leaving any greasy film behind.

Organic safflower seed oil

A true companion to dry, sensitive skin, the fine and light oil that’s found in safflower seeds is easily absorbed by the skin and regulates its moisture balance by supporting the skin’s barrier function.

Give your skin a lesson in age defence

New Firming Facial Oil adds the finishing touch to the Weleda Pomegranate Face Care Collection – the nourishing boost that gives your skin extra care.

Firming Facial Oil - Pomegranate

Intensive nourishment with 8 precious organic oils

Firming Day Cream - Pomegranate

Renews and protects, for radiant skin after the age of 40

Firming Night Cream - Pomegranate

Night-time regeneration after the age of 40, with antioxidant cell protection

Pomegranate Firming Eye Cream

Especially formulated for use around the eyes

Firming Facial Oil is on your team

Used alone or teamed up with your other facial creams – a few drops of our new Firming Facial Oil go a long way.

As a solo performer

As a solo performer

Firming Facial Oil will make your skin more resilient. To apply it to your face, just drip it sparingly into your hand and then massage it gently onto clean and damp skin. There for you whenever you need it – in the morning and in the evening.

A real team player

A real team player

Maybe you already love and pamper your skin with your favourite moisturisers every day. Try taking your skin care routine to the next level – just add a few drops to your Weleda Pomegranate facial cream and enjoy the effects of our carefully selected ingredients.

Your everyday skinguard

Your everyday skinguard

Living in the city is great, but it can also be a bit stressful, especially for your skin. The effects of air pollution like smog, can take their toll and might even speed up skin ageing. Upgrade your skin’s protective barrier with our Firming Facial Oil – its anti-pollution formula defends the skin against free radicals and makes it smooth and well cared for.


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