The pomegranate: A force of nature

Experience the power of the pomegranate – the fruit that has been a symbol of beauty, sensuality and strength since ancient times. And for good reason: it contains some of the strongest antioxidants found in nature. Give your skin a unique advantage with the specially formulated Pomegranate Face Care from Weleda.

Don’t wait, regenerate

Activate your skin’s own potential to renew itself. Weleda Pomegranate Face Care gives your skin the power it needs to fight free radicals, and naturally regenerate.

The pomegranate effect is especially important for ageing skin. Wrinkles are reduced and your face is noticeably firmer. Trust nature to help you feel good in your own skin.

The secret is inside

Get a taste of one of the world’s most fascinating fruits. Under its tough, outer exterior the pomegranate boasts a hidden treasure: a vast reservoir of juice and hundreds of seeds packed with positive properties. The pomegranate effect has been confirmed by many scientific studies. And all you need to experience it is a pack of Pomegranate Face Care and 28 days.

  • Depth of wrinkles -29% *

  • Cell renewal +23%

  • Skin moisture +39% **

* Pomegranate firming serum efficacy results after 28 days. Application two times a day. Confirmed by an independent institute.
** After 30 minutes.

Seeing and feeling is believing

Lauren Doolan, also known as the blogger “The Micro Adventurist”, had heard about the amazing effect of Weleda Pomegranate Face Care. And after seeing the results of independent studies, she was curious. And decided to put it to the test for 4 weeks. Join her on her journey.

Harness the potential of the pomegranate.

Let nature unlock your skin’s potential. Only organic pomegranates are used for Weleda Pomegranate Face Care. And a specially formulated range of products ensures that your face gets the full pomegranate effect.
Intensive serum to strengthen and protect skin
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Night-time regeneration after the age of 40, with antioxidant cell protection
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