Sweat facts! Did you know?

Everybody sweats!

The human body has developed a miraculous system of heat regulation – and sweat is a part of the mix. Everyone sweats more when it’s hot, or when they’re active, stressed or excited. It’s natural.

Sweat doesn’t smell

Most body sweat is made of 99% water, but in some places there’s a richer mix of salts, hormones, minerals and fatty acids that’s unique to you. 

Bacteria thrive where sweat is trapped

Fresh sweat has no perceptible smell, but underarm sweat is a great host for bacteria, and it’s the complex way your own, personal bacteria work with your own, personal sweat that develops an odour. External influences like food and chemicals can add to the aroma, but usually it’s true that women’s odour is weaker and sharper, men’s stronger and more pungent.

Some places are sweatier than others

Bacteria love warm, moist conditions, so places like armpits provide a perfect environment for odours to develop. Add to that the presence of special, extra-intense sweat glands in these areas, and you’ll understand why body odour first shows up here. 

Sweat does more than one job

As well as helping regulate your body temperature, sweat is important in communicating with others. Body odour drives behaviour, attracts partners, and even helps you choose the right one. That’s one reason why perspiration starts to be noticed when we reach puberty.

Work with it, don’t damage it

A healthy body is doing a good job with sweat, and the last thing you want to do is seal up the pores where sweat emerges. This is how antiperspirants work – with salts or chemicals building a ‘plug’ to reduce secretion of sweat. Deodorants, instead, combat the bacteria – killing the bacteria, inhibiting bacteria growth using enzymes, binding it with a scent absorber or covering it up with other fragrances.  Our deodorants offer the kindest option – effective action which also helps to maintain skin’s natural regulating functions.

Go natural, love your body

Natural essential oils like those we use in our deodorants have also anti-microbial effects, which slow down bacteria growth and prevent odours before they develop. Natural essential oils also have pleasant and totally natural fragrances that cover strong odours with their positive scents. Our deodorants don’t contain aluminium salts, meaning they don’t plug pores up, and they don’t influence the natural processes of your body. Once you find out more, you’ll realise it’s the only way to get fresh.

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