Skin Food Frequently Asked Questions

Our Skin Food has been a saviour for dry skin since 1926. We are excited to share this collection with you that is based on the beloved iconic cream. Crafted with luxurious plant oils in nourishing formulas, we invite you to learn more about the line.

The Skin Food Experience

The Weleda Skin Food collection features key ingredients of rosemary, pansy, chamomile and calendula alongside sunflower seed oil, lanolin and beeswax, which nourish skin from head to toe. 

Each product has a distinct composition of aromatics - essential notes of sweet orange, soothing lavender, balsamic benzoin and warm vanilla that come forward to rebalance your mind, body and spirit.* 

All Skin Food products are 100% NATRUE certified natural and dermatologically tested.


*Not all key ingredients are in each Skin Food products. Refer to ingredient list on each product (INCI) for specifics.

Skin Food, 75ml

Rich, intensive skin care for Face and Body

Skin Food Body Butter

For dry and very dry skin

Skin Food Lip Balm, 8ml

For dry and chapped lips

Why did Weleda expand Skin Food to an entire line of products?

We have been hearing for years from our Skin Food enthusiasts a wish for more Skin Food options, like a lighter version, a version for lips, etc. so we decided to expand the line! We wanted to bring all of the moisturising and multi-use benefits of Skin Food to new usage occasions and offer a range of products that people new to Skin Food would be excited to try.

When should I use Skin Food vs. Skin Food Light vs. Skin Food Body Butter?

Skin Food provides the most intense moisture of the collection and is great for any extra dry or rough areas, highlighter or as an overnight mask. Skin Food Light is ideal for dry skin with a light, fast-absorbing formula - ideal for everyday use on the face or body. Skin Food Body Butter is a soft, whipped texture that can be used all over the body.

Are the Weleda Skin Food products recommended for sensitive skin?

While the Skin Food collection is great for dry areas, it may not be suitable for those with ultra-sensitive skin or skin conditions. Begin by applying a small amount to test how it feels before applying large amounts to your skin.

Are the Weleda Skin Food products vegan?

Weleda uses beeswax and lanolin in Skin Food, Skin Food Light and Skin Food Lip Balm, therefore these products are not considered vegan.

Skin Food Body Butter is made without raw materials of animal origin. However, contact of the product and its raw materials to material of animal origin during the manufacturing process cannot be ruled out entirely.

The Skin Food menu is about to get richer!

The Skin Food menu is about to get richer! Inspired by our iconic Skin Food, launched in 1926, we are excited to...

The Skin Food menu is about to get richer!

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