From sun to seed to skincare

Smooth sunshine directly onto your skin. Weleda Body Oils are created from a natural treasure, brimming with the sun’s vitality: plants. They soak up the sun’s rays and store it as a potent elixir of oils and nutrients. And all you have to do to get your daily dose of sunshine is open a bottle and apply.


Listen to your skin

Treat yourself to a soothing, fragrant massage. And your skin to the nutrient boost it needs. The natural oils form a protective layer, locking in moisture and nourishment.

Because keeping your skin hydrated and your soul full of sunshine is part and parcel of the Weleda Body Oil experience.

Relax and soak up the rays

Caring for your skin is also about caring for yourself. Take a moment just for you and indulge in the scent, the sensuous feel of oil on your skin, and feel your spirit grow calm.

It is a special moment for both mind and body. And with every application, your inner sunshine will grow brighter and brighter.

Transforming natural ingredients into liquid sunshine

Natural is best. Therefore it is important to us that the oil plants can grow just as nature intended. And we go to great lengths to ensure that they remain as pure and natural as possible. Go ahead and explore some of the most beneficial oils for your body.


Feel the warmth. Take a look at all the beautifully sunny pics our #innersunshine community have posted and then share your own sunshine with us!

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