Happiness is love and care

Every moment, every milestone, every touch, strengthens the bond between you and your child. But your baby’s skin is delicate and fragile. And it needs gentle, specialised care as it develops. That’s why Calendula Baby has been formulated with natural ingredients to nourish young, sensitive skin. And envelop it in a warm, protective hug, just like you do.


Care for your baby with the goodness of nature

Beautiful, pure, and full of sunshine. Both babies and calendula are gifts from nature. We take extra special care of our growing calendula, so it will take extra special care of your growing baby.

Learn about your baby’s skin.

Did you know that babies’ skin is five times thinner than yours?
It’s no wonder they need extra protection. Find out the best ways to keep
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Inspired by Mother Nature.
Created with midwives.

Only carefully selected raw materials and pure love: That is what goes into Calendula Baby Care. There are no synthetic colourants or preservatives and the delicate fragrance only stems from 100% natural essential oils. Get the care that was created by skin care experts and midwives. That was tested by independent institutes. And that is loved by parents and babies the world over.
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Calendula Nappy Change Cream

Gentle protection from soreness on delicate skin

Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash

Gentle in the bath and shower, for a naturally clean baby

Calendula Weather Protection Cream

Protection for delicate baby skin in harsh weather

Calendula Baby Love Gift Set

Ideal gift set for new parents and babies.

Babies are a miracle


"Babies are a miracle. During the first few years of life they develop all by themselves, until they’re finally able to stand on their own two feet. All they need is love, security and support – and food, of course. A child's skin also develops daily. It grows, and gradually adapts to the environment. The skin is, however – as with the musculoskeletal system – still immature during these early years of life. So, on the one hand, this young skin requires special protection to keep it safe from the different environmental influences like harsh weather, while at the same requiring the chance to develop in a healthy manner, without having its developmental forces suppressed."

Christina Hinderlich,

midwife and mother of three


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The secret of babies' skin

Babies’ skin is highly sensitive, thin and requires special protection.

The secret of babies' skin

Gentle care for babies’ bottoms

Interview with Weleda midwife Christina Hinderlich

Gentle care for babies’ bottoms

Care for highly sensitive skin

Our fragrance free White Mallow baby care range with organic white mallow extract provides a protective coating for highly sensitive to atopic skin.

Care for highly sensitive skin

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