your body
inside and out.

Get smoother thighs and healthy looking skin with Birch

Nearly every woman reports cellulite as one of her main skin concerns.
Genetics, hormones, lack of exercise, an unbalanced diet, pregnancy and ageing can all contribute to the dreaded ‘orange-peel’ effect.
Weleda’s 3-step detox regime provides an all natural solution to get skin ready for summer!
1. Gently exfoliate
2. Massage skin
3. Internal support

Flush out toxins and radiate

Weleda’s Birch range contains three products which are all rich in purifying and detoxifying organic silver birch. Birch is renowned for its detoxification power. Full of flavonoids to encourage the body to flush out toxins, birch leaf extract helps to restore skin radiance from both inside and out.
3 Step detox cellulite solution

The secret is inside

A master at ‘flushing out’ the birch tree has a great need for water (up to 500 litres per day!), which it continuously circulates through its system by drawing water up from the roots and evaporating it through its leaves. It is the same principle that stimulates the circulatory, lymphatic and detoxification systems in the body. Birch contains flavonoids, saponines and tannins, which protect the skin cells from damage by free-radicals and help support natural purification to restore skin radiance - both inside and out.

  • Increased elasticity +22% *

  • Increased smoothness +21% *

  • Increased firmness +37% **

Efficacy results after using products twice daily over 28 days. Independent trail conducted by a team of dermatologists
* Using Birch Cellulite Oil
** Using Birch Cellulite Oil in combination with Organic Birch Juice.

Harness the potential of the birch.

Let nature unlock your skin’s potential. Only hand-picked birch leaves are used for Weleda birch products. And a specially formulated range of products ensures that your body gets the full birch effect.

Birch Body Scrub

Stimulating scrub to invigorate skin

Birch Cellulite Oil

The natural treatment for cellulite skin

Organic Birch Juice

Certified organic drink with birch leaf extract
Legal Notice
Organic Birch Juice

This product is not recommend during pregnancy and breastfeeding as it has a detoxifying effect on the body.


Birch Body Care