Weleda Bee B&B Hotel

Did you know there are over 1,600 species of Australian native bees? More than 75% of our crops rely on pollinators to fertilise many of the foods we eat, but pesticide use and land clearing is impacting bee habitat.

Over 500 Schools on board and more than 110,000 children have been exposed to biodiversity and the importance of pollinators through the Weleda Bee B&B Hotel project.

Weleda Bee B&B Hotel Project

Weleda Australia is thrilled to bring the Weleda Bee B&B Hotel project to school communities around Australia for the second year running.

The project aims to teach primary school children about biodiversity and the importance of pollinators, especially native solitary bees, by building their very own Bee B&B Hotel.

By giving native solitary bee populations shelter, they can pollinate food and plants.

The Bee B&B hotels

The Bee B&B Hotels are a place for native bees to nest and help regenerate their communities.

The easy to build Bee B&B Hotel kits are designed for school vegetable patches and create a place for native solitary bees to live and build their families, while they go about their important job of pollinating vegetables, fruits and flowers.

By playing an active role in conserving our native solitary bee populations, school children will also be supporting and learning about ecosystem biodiversity and food security.

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"The Weleda Bee B&B Hotel has been a fantastic addition to our School garden.

Students spent last Term doing projects on our native bees as well as setting up special plants to attract them near the hotel.

The amount of learning from this has been amazing and parents have also commented on it as well.”

Alison Bath

Tuntable Creek Public School


Weleda are delighted to have the support of Costa Georgiadis, Alexx Stuart, Megan Halcroft and Jess Miller. With the support of these ambassadors we can spread the word about this important initiative and raise awareness about the issues facing our native solitary bees.

Special thanks also to the St Ives Men’s Shed for cutting over 600 Bee B&B Hotel flat packs to size, ready to be sent to the schools.


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